5 Ways to Say Thank You

I know we all know at least one person who’s out there working at the “frontlines” of this pandemic, and it hits harder when it’s one of our loved ones. For me personally, I have a ton of friends in the clinics and hospitals working directly with COVID-19 patients, and I cannot even begin to imagine the craziness they’re witnessing right now. I’m so thankful to be able to say I’m safe at home, but find myself constantly thinking about the insanity my fellow healthcare friends are going through everyday.

So I wanted to encourage the rest of us who get to stay home, with 5 simple ways to tell someone working the frontlines that we care and appreciate all they’re doing!

1. Quality time

Okay, obviously quality time is going to look a little different now, but the intention behind it still holds! Shoot them a quick text, call them on your break or even better, set up a Facetime/Zoom date to see how they’re doing. I definitely prefer setting up Facetime dates, the closest thing we’ll get to real hangouts lol. You can even find apps like Houseparty and Jack Box to play virtual games with friends! 

2. Bless them 

I know most of my friends working at the hospitals and clinics are working anywhere from 10-12 hour shifts with almost no breaks. Bless them with lunch or dinner so they have one less thing to worry about in their day! If they have lunch/dinner covered, drop them off some of their favorite snacks or goodies, or even send them a venmo and tell them coffee or lunch is on you 🙂

If you want to bless them in a different way, send them something they can do at home on their days off. I know some of my friends LOVE coloring, so coloring books and pencils are a must! Even word searches, fun jigsaw puzzles, different board games– anything to take their minds off of work.

3. Give them something to look forward to in the future

I know there is no definite “end” to this pandemic, but there is hope! And passing along that hope to someone fighting this pandemic can just make their day. Plus you can both bless them and support small businesses around by purchasing an activity they can do in the future! Maybe a local activity like a candle making class, a paint and sip night, a gift card to a local restaurant or even a future photoshoot (with their significant other, pets etc). A gift card to their favorite boutique or shopping site, my personal favorite hehe.

Or even thinking about the short term future, order them a gift and tell them they have something to look forward to in the mail. Etsy is a great stop for this to also support small businesses.

4. Stop asking them questions about COVID-19!

I know like the rest of the world I’m getting my COVID-19 related news and statistics from the internet or TV, but what I really wanna hear is the REAL nitty gritty stories. I find myself constantly asking my healthcare friends ‘how was work??’, ‘how’s work been??’, or ‘is it getting crazy yet??’… but was quickly shut down by a close friend after she shared how mentally exhausted she was from talking about work. So please, take it from me and stop bombarding your healthcare friends with millions of questions! Instead, help them take their mind off of work, tell them about your daily quarantine adventures and how you’re doing with everything. Talk about good shows or movies you’ve been watching, but most of all encourage them as much as you can during this time. Cause trust me, they could probably use it!

5. STAY HOME!!!!!!!!

I cannot emphasize enough how important this one is in slowing and ending this pandemic. Our friends are doing their part out there, so it’s only fair that we do our part in staying home as well!

I really hope this helps and encourages us all to show our fellow frontline working friends a little more love and appreciation . Not only them, but also our loved ones! Check in with your mom or dad, your best friends or coworkers… because we’re all still adjusting to this new norm.

In the meantime, stay healthy and safe friends!



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